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by Clare Butcher

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Chto Delat

From November 5th-7th, 2009, The First Former West Congress, a collaboration between BAK, Utrecht, the Van Abbemuseum, Katharin Rhomberg and a number of other partners, took place at the Ottone in Utrecht. The long-term research project defines its aims as:

‘FORMER WEST—a term never fully articulated as a counterpart to the widely used “former East”—considers the question: What impact did the events of 1989 have on the art of the “West”? The project aims at articulating the processes of the West “becoming former” that, however unacknowledged by the West itself, began with the demise of the Cold War construct of a bipolar world in 1989. It is an attempt to rethink the West and its art out of their hegemonic self-narration and to propose another, speculative view of the history of western art after 1989, one evolving around significant social and political changes and in active dialogue with post-communist and postcolonial thought.’ (see Former West website for details)

Hopefully the congress has triggered a number of ongoing, particularly poignant debates within the Netherlands particularly, as well as the regions that were addressed and those that weren’t.

[Clare Butcher, posted: 9 November, 2009]

from Badiou’s: ‘the meaning of Szarkozy’, p. 78
‘Let foreigners teach us at least to become foreign to ourselves, to project ourselves sufficiently out of ourselves to no longer be captive to this long Western and white history that has come to an end, and from which nothing more can be expected than sterility and war. Against this catastrophic and nihilistic expectation of a security state, let us greet the foreignness of tomorrow.’

The Eindhoven-based Onomatopee has launched a series of curatorial projects, A Task for Poetry, where poets are invited to conceive a collective exhibition presenting their practice within the realm of visual art.

[Clare Butcher, posted: Sept 2009]

Angela Plohman’s initiative, Baltan Laboratories, in Eindhoven’s Strijp S intends to negotiate some intense boundaries between art and technology. Their dynamic programme is well worth attending.

[Clare Butcher, posted: April, 2009]

Toos Nijssen’s ‘Home’ project opened another chapter in Almere this weekNijssen in collaboration with Ron Eijkman (both Eindhoven-based), made 60 video portraits from interviews conducted in a neighbourhood in Almere. Her work formed part of the Van Abbemuseum’s Be(com)ing Dutch project last year.

image: Toos Nijssen, Ron Eijkman

image: Toos Nijssen, Ron Eijkman

[Clare Butcher, posted: Jan, 2009]

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