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A Small Point of Visibility

January 21st, 2009 by Remco de Blaaij

A small point of visibility
Remco de Blaaij

In curatorial and artistic practice there is a moment during which the work of art, its influences and possible outcomes appear to the surface. It is from this moment of ‘visibility’ that the work of art can be subject to response and perhaps even criticism. This point, perhaps perpetually in motion, can be called ‘a point of visibility’. Could this point be constructive in helping to realise that a work, an idea or their consequences cannot exist without revealing themselves to the surface? Is there the possibility of something greater achievable than the relationship between the artist and curator? Between the communities and histories that surround them? Are we at this very moment not talking about the appearance of the object itself, but about that what precedes the (pre and post) production and the point of visibility itself? What are the possible consequences for the future if we think of it like this? And finally, does judgement play an important part in generating influences and confluences?


January 5th, 2009 by Remco de Blaaij

Already a month ago I was in Helsinki, Finland and finally now in the opportunity to write something about this one-week adventure. The reason to be there was quite simple; FRAME issued a call for proposals in the summer for young curators to discover the local art scene. Being very unfamiliar with that ‘scene’ I thought it would be a nice opportunity to use. That summer I read an article about the “middle-school”. The middle school is a pedagogical model ‘developed’ by Errki Aho that tries to erase borders on class, race and learning or other disabilities by keeping children to the age of sixteen in the same class on school. This modelhoosing a completely different approach of for example the Dutch model that tries to separate and concentrate on the given problems. The article seemed a good reason to discover the background of this, including a connected discourse in art.


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