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Heartland Research, Travel 2, 01.05.2005 – 10.05.2009 Chicago, Detroit, Omaha, Kansas

May 16th, 2009 by Kerstin Niemann

Chicago greeted me with an event in the vicinity of art and history, a re-enactment of a panel discussion by art critics and historians like Rosalind Krauss performed by Jackson Pollock Bar as part of “Our Literal Speed”. After 12 hours of traveling time from Europe and 2,5 entertaining and yet forgotten movies, this performance was a warm welcoming into the world of conceptual art and yet into the world of art in Chicago. Programmed around the time of Art Chicago “Our Literal Speed” ( hosted a series of events and projects in different art related Chicago institutions.  Gallery 400, College of Architecture & the Arts, was the host of the actual exhibition opening of “Our Literal Speed”, featuring the live theory installation presented by the Jackson Pollock Bar, Alexander Dumbadze’s “Fuck It”, and Art & Language’s “Confession”.

Work of Carol Jackson at NEXT Art Fair, Chicago, 2009

It is only been 3 months since my last visit to the city and altogether the 7th research travel in the Heartland from Chicago to Detroit, Omaha, Kansas and back to the Netherlands. This time Stephanie and I further worked on the concept and artist projects of Heartland “Making the World You Want to Live In” at the Smart Museum in Chicago as well as on the Heartland publication that should be ready for the opening at Smart on October 1st.

Work of Carol Jackson at Next Art Fair, Chicago, 2009

Work of Carol Jackson at Next Art Fair, Chicago, 2009


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