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Dinner is being served. Come and see it!

February 6th, 2014 by Willem Jan Renders

My favorite part: hanging.

Only two days ago we were installing and now it looks like an exhibition! 

The Garbage Room in the Kunsthaus


Yesterday while giving an exhibition tour to the Kunsthaus guides together with my colleague Katrin Bucher, I realized that this was one of the last tours I will give in this exhibition. In fact, I will give one more today after the press conference and then it’s over. Another goodbye is near and the feeling of melancholy that inevitably comes with it grasps me for a moment. What a project! What a show! It took me from Eindhoven to St. Petersburg and then to Moscow and Graz. Each time it was different and each time surprising. What an excellent idea of Charles to ask Ilya and Emilia and what a genius thought of them to come up with these different themes to juxtapose the oeuvre of Lissitzky and Kabakov!

and the Garbage Box


Here in Graz the setting again is a totally new invention. If you have time you really must come and see it. Anyway: it is your last chance! In Eindhoven you might say we were ‘confronting’ the two artists. But here in this specially designed exhibition architecture in Graz, Lissitzky and Kabakov are not facing each other anymore, at least not most of the time. Instead they are separated and thus the differences between them are stressed in the themes. But eventually they both come together in the ‘belly’ as Ilya calls it, the central room: the fallen angel is lying at the feet of the Pressa Star, the Red Wedge is opposed by The Fly, hard-core Soviet propaganda is next to delicately illustrated children’s books. The exhibition has become an organism, one big installation. El and Il. What a pair! What a pity that their creative marriage is over and done with after this! Before the opening I already face the final curtain…

Outside announcement of the exhibition


But I will not go on with a choked voice, although my eyes are getting wet and I am fighting against my tears. Let’s be a man about this! I clear my throat and blow my nose. Come on Willem Jan! There are plenty more interesting exhibition ideas to be found in the abundance of this life! There must be another exhibition project worth developing!

and inside









Comforted and encouraged by myself I take a stroll along the murmuring Mur and eat a sausage with mustard in an Imbiss. The radio is playing ‘I did it my way’ in a very melodramatic version. It could well be by Andy Williams. I cannot get it out of my head when I continue my walk. It is thawing in Graz and more and more water is dripping from the roofs, turning the danger of roof avalanches into refreshing little drops on your head. It’s goodbye to the city with its voluptuous Baroque churches and its excellent Styrian food and wine, only one tour, the opening and a Russian dinner to go.

Ilya and Emilia with Katrin Bucher after the press conference in the Kunsthaus


My last tour was not my best. I kept on mixing up German and English. Anyway, I think I got the message of the exhibition across and people were certainly very interested and they seemed to like the show. I went to the hotel and quickly changed for the opening. In my short speech I described the venues of the tour and paid special attention to the present installation in the Kunsthaus, which is indeed outstanding.


Many thanks of course to director Peter Pakesh, curator Katrin Bucher and the excellent team of technicians here. It has been a pleasure to work in the Kunsthaus. Last but certainly not least one more thank you to Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. And now it’s time for some vodka and new ideas!

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