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Cooking at full speed

February 3rd, 2014 by Willem Jan Renders

“Mind your step” is what you have to keep in mind too while walking down the streets in Graz. While large parts of Austria suffer under the burdens of extreme quantities of snow, here in Graz it rains ice, glazed frost. The sidewalks are covered with it and the branches of the trees seem to be made of crystal. Signs everywhere in this Swarovski city warn for roof avalanches and people put large wooden sticks at an angle against the walls to further warn the pedestrians. What comes down from the high roofs is pure ice in lumps. If you are hit by such a cold twist of fate you might not survive…

crates everywhere and only a few days to go…


Luckily our hotel is not far from the Kunsthaus, so the slipping and sliding takes only five minutes each time we go there. Never hurry. Festina lente. That’s what we also practise inside the exhibition; when working with artworks you should slow down and know exactly what your next steps will be. But it is Monday now. On Thursday we will have the opening, so we are a little rushed.

condition checks




It is eight in the morning. Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are arranging and hanging the garbage on strings with two assistants. My colleague Toos Nijssen has checked the Lissitzky works on paper together with a colleague from Graz. Now the restorers are checking the Lissitzky paintings and condition reports are being made.

the Pressa Star is lifted on a pedestal








In the meantime the Pressa Star is lifted on the pedestal and people are unpacking the Kabakov works from the crates. The last bits of grey and brown are painted and I am arranging the Lissitzky works in the first rooms. Photo’s are delivered and pedestals are made.


The kitchen in Graz is cooking at full production speed.


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