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9 days until E.T. will visit the Van Abbe – Byars in Spirits of Internationalism

January 12th, 2012 by Steven ten Thije

Again a day closer to the opening and I have to make an apology. The photo I posted yesterday shows the room of Gerald Byrne and not Phil Collins. In all the stress I confused two rooms that both had dark painted walls. (One of them is already completely white by the way.) However, the mistake allows me to tell you what will vist Byrne’s room in 9 days: James Lee Byars ‘Extra Terrestrial’. This is another beautiful work and one of the highlights if I can be so self-congratulatory and again a work from M HKA, Antwerp. The photo above  is a snap-shot from the 3-D drawing we’re using to install the exhibition. As you can see, the work is a giant stick-figure, that will be partly mounted on the wall. It is made of  textile and was ‘used’ in performance in Antwerp in 1976. The figure is 245 meters (!) long, so the two ‘legs’ will lie in the middle of the room as large piles of cloth. We’ll also exhibit some documentary material, so you can see E.T. in action. If all goes well the work will arrive tomorrow and next week, we will see how big the pile will be.

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