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Coming soon – Spirits of Internationalism

January 7th, 2012 by Steven ten Thije

Exactly two weeks before the opening of Spirits of Internationalism an exhibition dealing with the art produced between 1956 and 1986, and which runs parallel in M HKA, Antwerp and the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven. It’s the next and last exhibition organized within the framework of l’Internationale. Last week we finished the 3D drawing, installing the exhibition in the virtual. Yesterday we ended with the OHO installation, of which I had to do a small part in the real world seeing what fitted in the vitrines. Monday ‘Vanuit Hier’ will be deinstalled (so this weekend last chances to see), and then slowly Panamarenko, Antoni Muntadas, Jef Geys, James Lee Byars, OHO, Július Koller, Fina Miralles and many others will start to ‘occupy’ Van Abbe. Complementary there will be time line with some historical tv fragments containing among others the famous W. T. Schippers action emptying one bottle of lemonade in the ocean.

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